About Us

About Us

Lao Ye – the Legend of a ??-year Old Story. Lao Ye was originally founded in ???? in ???? by ??? (???? – ????). Lao Ye is famous for its various products which includes wide range of Chinese delicacies.

Our Specialty

Besides oursignature products, Chinese Bridal Cakes and Mooncakes, we also offers different kinds and sizes of Chinese pastries for various occasions, like Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Chinese New Year throughout the year. Custom designs are also welcomed. Please don’t hesitate to come visit us anytime!

Our Goal

We have served in Malaysia for more than ?? years and will continue our legacy with the support of our loyal customers throughout the nation. To carry forward our founder’s policy, both the Company and the Bakery are committed to provide our customers with more choices of quality products. After all, Lao Ye products are viewed by many as part of the fine Chinese heritage.